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OurLandDAO is where change happens.

We create exposure, events, community, and funding for:

• land & plant conservation, stewardship, and homesteading

• plant medicine decriminalization

• Indigenous reparations

• sustainable tech

• education

Conscious change on the blockchain

OurLandDAO is a community-driven decentralized autonomous organization that values diversity, inclusion, equality, and education. Each voice matters and every action produces positive outcomes across initiatives that drive us.


Land & Plant Conservation

It is no secret that many plants, animals, and fungi, along with millions of acres of land, are highly at risk due to non-sustainable practices and policies. We aim to protect our current water and land resources, as well as provide education on what we can do as a society to attempt to right the wrongs of the large corporations that have had a negative impact on our environment. Our first mission is to raise funding to purchase and conserve a piece of land where community members will have the opportunity to aid in ensuring its proper care.

Indigenous Reparations

We feel the need to stand up to the wrongful occupation of Indigenous & First Nation land, as well as provide education on what we can do as a society to provide proper ally-ship and empowerment. The first step forward is reparations that are long overdue, to help Indigenous folks have resources, and long-lasting connections so their voices are amplified now, and forever. 

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Plant Medicine Decriminalization

Plant education and decriminalization go hand in hand. While learning about the healing modalities of plants, we need to acknowledge that many communities face unfair consequences for choosing to rely on plants instead of western medicine. Instead of harboring harsh polarities, we aim to provide education and resources on how the two intersect and the great importance that plant medicine holds for our future. All the while, helping those who have had criminal charges from plants that are legal, or are on their way to becoming so. 

Sustainable Technologies and
Cleanup Aid

Opening doors to more sustainable land, water, and environmental technology is a huge passion of ours. Access to options like hydroponics is of vital importance for sustainability in the long term. Getting these systems into the hands of farmers and smaller households alike allows people to take charge of their environmental impact - and their health too, making organic options more abundant. 

We will also host regular community-led cleanups from beaches to highly active trails across the world.


Land Stewardship & Homesteading

We want to provide homesteads and those who steward the land, an equal opportunity to stand up to large conglomerates who blatantly ignore the needs of local communities. All while aiding small farms with more sustainable water options, education on pesticides, and helping the ecosystems as a whole unit - humans and habitat alike. 

There are so many communities that can benefit from aid to help cultivate and create sustainable agriculture from tending their own lands to creating community gardens.

How To Get Involved

At the moment we are creating our governance guidelines and our Discord where voting will occur. We are looking to connect with specialists in all of the above fields to work with us in the following:

  • Land conservation scientists and educators

  • Indigenous organizations in which funding would aid in reparative justice

  • Plant-based medicine decriminalization organizations, professionals, educators, and those who have been accused of plant-based medicine crimes involving psilocybin or cannabis

  • Sustainable technology companies, organizations, and innovators as well as land/sea clean-up-based organizations 

  • Smart contract developers

  • Community assistants that can help us reach out to others from social to partnerships

  • Follow our Twitter and interact with us!

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