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About Us

We want you to know who we are!

We are passionate about helping others and providing a foundation for social good organizations, within our verticals, to raise needed funds in a new way utilizing blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is an incredible and transparent way to raise funds in a new way that allows for community growth like never before.

Forest Sunrays

Our Story

The OurLandDAO Founders have over a decade of experience within the nonprofit sector and aiding underserved/under seen communities.

Below is a bit more about the growing team!

Meet The Team

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Ellyse Amelia Trethric

Ellyse has a long history of working within the NPO sector since starting her own nonprofit in 2014. She currently works as a Director, President, Co-Founder, Advisor, and Consultant for many projects and startups within Web3. Ellyse also speaks and hosts workshops at many events within the space and is teaching an 8-week college course at the University of Curaçao on Innovation in Marketing within Web3 & the Metaverse.

Courtney Trethric

Courtney is a writer within Web3 who aids numerous communities with their written engagement to attain closer connections for projects, podcasts, and start-ups. She is a practicing Hellenistic Astrologer and sound healer who is passionate about self-love, self-healing, and cosmic awareness. 

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