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The peyote seedling & land purchase project 

This is where the blockchain meets actionable change.


Our goal is to raise $350,000 for Morning Star Conservancy

These funds will give Morning Star Conservancy the opportunity to purchase needed land in Arizona that will be home to thousands of peyote seedlings.

Peyote takes 15 years to grow to maturity and sadly many peyote plants do not reach that stage in the wild with the everyday increase in land stripping and illegal harvesting.

Project Roadmap

OurLandDAO NFT Ownership Benefits

Owners of any OurLandDAO NFT collection will have the right to vote on the next project we choose to take on and support within our verticals of land conservation, Indigenous reparations, sustainable tech, and education. 

They will also have access to private holder-only chats within our Discord where we will have fun giveaways, event access, and more.


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